Barnes Chiropractic  offers non-surgical, non-invasive solutions for accident injury and pain.

A minor car accident can cause a lot of pain. During the accident the driver/passenger can sustain 2.5 times the force than the force the car receives. Often there is damage to vertebral disc nerves, blood vessels, muscles ligaments, and tendons. Swelling and inflammation from the injury follows, increasing the pain over hours and over several days. Residual pain from a car accident can last for weeks or months. Early intervention with chiropractic care along with physical therapy modalities promotes the reduction of inflammation, realigns spinal segments and joints leading to quicker recovery and healing.

Dr. Thomas Barnes your Doylestown chiropractor has advanced Certification in Whiplash and Brain Traumatology from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego ( He also has is certified in MRI interpretation.

Car insurance covers 100% up to your policy limits with no rise in premium and no out of pocket expense (PA act 6 vehicle law) Barnes Chiropractic direct bills your auto insurance carrier for you. For more information, call today and speak with our insurance manager at  our Fountainville location. 215-489-2696.

Chiropractic & Auto Accident